Friday, August 7, 2009

On our way to finalization

On our drive to the finalization in Indianapolis, Lily decided to try out a real laugh for the very first time. The thing that did it was a silly growling voice I was making. I was located to the left of the camera and I find it funny how, when she laughs, she looks directly at the camera each time.

Here is another photo from outside the courthouse. I like how Lil looks like she's thinking "Oh crud. You mean I'm stuck with these people now??". Click on the photo to make it bigger. It will crack you up even more. I promise.


chrissy said...

that is so funny! she sounds so cute. i think she is even trying to imitate you and make the growling voice too. i did notice her looking into the camera each time. she is quite the actress and knows her camera cues.

elder2 said...

She looks like a cute cartoon character.