Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Months

Dear Lily,

You are two months old now! The changes you have gone through in the last month have blown us away. Sometimes we think we couldn't possibly love you any more and then the next day, our hearts just make room and fill up even more. Yesterday daddy heard me in the living room singing to you and he said it almost made him tear up to think about how sad I was before you came along. Daddy and mommy wanted you so badly and the waiting was very hard. I think the waiting made us appreciate you even more. You are everything we ever dreamed of and you make our lives so happy!

You are becoming quite a little person these days, with distinct likes and dislikes and you do your best to make them clear to us.

Some things to note about your 2nd month of life:

You smile a lot more these days. It still takes a little work to get them out of you, but it makes us feel so special when we do.
You are liking the bath much more now, kicking your feet and splashing. Coming out in the cold air is still not much fun for you.
You are drooling a little, mostly while blowing bubbles like crazy.
You have a giggle, but it is pretty elusive.
Your feet sweat a lot.
You HATE the car and scream a lot while in it.
You like daddy to toss you high over his shoulder and pat your butt.
You sleep through the night more often than not.
You are getting more independent and will tolerate more time sitting by yourself. Before this, you wanted to be held pretty much constantly.
You still love to be held and cuddle, though.
You are a morning person. It is your happiest and most content time of day.
You are getting way more interactive with your toys. In your bouncy seat, you love to watch the animals move and sway. Here is a little video of you enjoying them:

i can hardly wait to see what the next month has in store!




chrissy said...

lily is growing before my eyes. as i read your letter to lily i feel the love you and corey have for lily in my heart and it feels good.

elder2 said...

Wow what a busy little girl and such a beautiful letter. Love, mom

Butts said...

the "worth the wait" shirt is perfect. Where was that shirt found?

Brook said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Jennifer- Laura found that onesie at Walmart. Pretty perfect, huh?