Monday, October 27, 2008


We had the big Halloween party at our house this past weekend. There were around 40 people in attendance despite the semi-frigid temperatures. There were some really amazing costumes and one very unique guest (a freshwater jellyfish that Corey's aunt and uncle fished out of their pond and brought to show us). We had a pretty good time. I went as a rather famous "hockey mom" and Corey was "Pork Barrel Spending", although his homemade barrel fell apart after a few hours.

On a totally separate note, I've been thinking I should do a post on photo tips that I use and that others might appreciate. Just a little heads as to what I have in the works :)

Have a happy Tuesday!


cpainton said...

I was a pansy, I thought it was going to rain and did not want to sleep in a tent! I had to work on Sunday anyway...

You need to put more pictures up of costumes! Cami was a winner and did not take any pictures!

Bumble's Bounce said...

So great, sad we're so far away!