Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday at the Farmers Market

This morning Corey and I sold his lovely heirloom tomato plants at the county farmers market. We actually did pretty well and sold most of the plants we had.

It was kind of hard to drag ourselves out of bed early this morning, though. We spent a fun evening with friends last night, attending a benefit party for a local science museum. I kept kicking myself for not bringing my camera. We made bubbles with a 6 foot "bubble making contraption", ate liquid nitrogen ice cream, climbed a giant beanstalk, and generally spent 3 hours acting like 10 year-olds. The wine helped with that, too. It was sponsored by the local eateries, winery and brewery. Good times.

The only other thing to mention, "Yay for blooming peonies!"


Your loving friend, Laura said...

Congratulations on the Plants! What a fun day! Are you going to bake for it too! You should try your purses, or any of your other amazing hand made things!

ALso, I WANT that fabulous picture of you with the peonies! Send me a copy via email! I have to have it!

elder2 said...

Wow that picture looks like a magazine cover!!!

Nin said...

What with the morels last week and now the tomatoes, you can practically call yourself farmers, lol!

Love the flower piccy :)

Sara said...

What gorgeously healthy tomato plants! No wonder they sold so well!