Friday, May 30, 2008

Garage sale-ing

I took the day off (Corey was already off) so we caught up on one of our favorite pastimes - garage sale-ing! Early in life, we each acquired acute sale-ing skills from our mothers. Yet another thing we have in common. Nothing beats the thrill of finding a great deal. I must say that I have found the iPhone to be an indispensable garage sale-ing tool. They really should advertise it as such. The co-pilot types the addresses from the newspaper into the iPhone and off we go from one to the next. The iPhone also makes it easy to compare prices with ebay, etc. We are serious about this stuff, you know.

Todays haul:
2 Charlotte Russe shirts and a skirt = $3 total
2 bowling balls + case =$4 total
3 DVDs = $6 total
1 collapsable dog crate = $10



Cami said...

Spending time with your husband priceless. You guys should send that into the credit card company for a commercial!

Laura said...

Did you guys join a bowling league?