Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy Saturday morning

A few little birds have been bugging me to update my babbles more regularly. I shall try.

At the moment I am sitting in bed, eating my yogurt (or as my college suite-mate, Susie from Germany used to say, "joggert") and doing some work on the computer. Don't you love webcame pics of me 1st thing in the morning? I know you do ;-)

We've actually been sleeping upstairs for a change of pace. I love the upstairs bedrooms, but most of the year they are either a little too hot or a little too cold. Right now the temperature up here is just right. The animals LOVE when we sleep up here because they prefer the carpet over the wood floors, although I'm not sure why since they usually spend most of their time on the couch anyway. When we're all upstairs the dogs and cats love to roll around, scratching their backs on the carpet with glee.

At the moment I'm attempting to get our adoption website into the search results on the major search engines. I'm sure we'll be on the 15 millionth page, but we'd still like to try to get on there.

Have a great day everybody! Here in Indiana, it is supposed to be a beautiful one :-)


Laura said...

Tweet Tweet.

Translation in my Bird language, means: thanks:) Your hair looks cute, I forgot about Joggert, and I had no idea you were sleeping upstairs, and Isn't there a Saturday NIght live Song/Skit about a Lazy Sunday?
OH yeah, I remember

Yes, Tweet Tweet means ALL THAT!

Nin said...

If I was looking to adopt out my baby, I'd pick you guys! It was actually through your flickrstream that I felt a great sense of what lovely people you must be (your personality shines through especially, and your talent is amazing)- have you thought about linking to it from your website, or is that considered bad form?

Anyway, best of luck with everything, I'm keeping everything crossed for you and I'm *sure* the stork will deliver a little bundle of joy to you before you know it :)

Brook said...

nin- It would be awesome if you linked our adoption website in yours. The more visibility we get, the better our chances :-) Thanks so much!

Nin said...

I'll add the link now :D

Nin said...

Yay! I linked it in my side panel. I tried to put in as many keywords as I could think of into the rollover text so hopefully it might attract some attention from the web search engine crawlers and get registered. I hope you like what I've written (text appears when you put the mouse on the link) but if there's anything at all in the wording that you'd like changed, please let me know and I'll do it.

keeping everything crossed for you xx