Friday, November 4, 2011

Shassypire is history!

We've been battling the pacifier (shassypire, as Lily calls it) for what seems like forever. Lily had her first dentist appointment last month and the dentist confirmed that we definitely needed to get rid of it. She recommended the "cold turkey" method. I was not thrilled about that because we had tried that a few months back when we had misplaced all of the pacifiers one evening. It was time for bed and we decided that would be the night she would go without. Lets just say after hours of crying, Corey and I were on our hands and knees scrambling around the house at 4 am, looking for a damn pacifier.

This time we decided to try a tactic that my friend Kim suggested. Cut the end of the pacifier a little every day until it is just too short to stay in her mouth. This worked like a charm. She just slowly quit asking for it. It's been 3 days without a pacifier now. Whoo hoo!

There are no pictures with this post but I did put some new pics of Lily and Corey up on the work blog. You can check it out here.


Bumble's Bounce said...

Wow! I honestly just imagine you and Corey on the ground... So glad that worked out!! What a great tip:)

Lisa T. said...

Way to go Lily! Our babies are such big kids now!

Susannah said...

It must be the season for banishing plugs: Kora has been without hers for about a week now. Congrats to all on a job well done!

TeaCakeBiscuit said...

we're in the middle of the battle ourselves. slowly getting there, the end is in sight for us. we're using a similar method ourselves :)