Thursday, December 22, 2011

Evolution of a Christmas photo

Last year I neglected to get my holiday cards sent out, so this year I was determined to get it done. Following the time honored Pagac family tradition, I tried to get a photo with Lily and the dogs. At first, it looked like it might work...



Chip was doing fairly well, but Tater was another story.


After a few minutes, Corey noticed the chickens high-tailing it across the yard to Lily. It boggles my mind, but the chickens LOVE her. They follow her like puppy dogs in the yard and let her carry them around without resistance. They became this tame from her spending so much time playing in the coop this summer. I've never seen anything like it and my family has had chickens nearly all my life.

Lily sees the chickens coming to her...




Pretty soon, the dogs were forgotten.






Every good chicken deserves a kiss, right? Bird flu, shmird flu.







And the one that made it on the card...


Thanks to my friend Aimee for the hand-me-down handmade dress she's wearing in the pics :)


Jennifer said...

How'd ya get her to sit still long enough to braid her hair so well?! She is the chicken whisperer! Love the outfit!

Brook said...

I know, right?! I can't remember how I got her to sit. Most likely bribery.

Bumble's Bounce said...

I too believe she's a Chicken Whisperer;). Great post!

Doug said...

Brook, this is fabulous! You could write a children's story based on this series of photos. They're great. I too love her outfit and I think the photo you ended up with is so wonderful because it was "natural," it just happened.



Tami S said...

Looked at these many times. I never stop enjoying them!

kwalden said...

What a fabulous idea. This is uncanny. My Parsons Russell "Chloe" looks just like your sweet Chole. I love this sweater.

kwalden said...
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kwalden said...

This is uncanny. My Parsons Russell "Chloe" looks just like your "Chloe". I love this idea. Very creative, cheap and easy. Very good.