Thursday, January 20, 2011

Times they are a changin'

Unfortunately I have no cute picture for today, just observations.

Lily is growing up.  For the most part, her words are pretty clear but there are a few that have always stumped her. Ever since the first time she requested it, she has called milk "dolf". I have no idea why. It doesn't sound anything like "milk". We tell her "milk" and she corrects us, "dolf!".  Last night we were driving and really needed to get some milk.  I got back into the car, gallon of milk in hand, and she said "milk!".  Corey and I had been waiting for this moment, but at the same time, it made us sad.  She used to call birds (and butterflies) "dee-aye" (Corey insists that she is saying "kee-aye", but whatever). Just recently she started using correct words for those, too.  We are happy that she is moving on from baby-dom, but sad about it, too.  Our pickle is growing up and it is a little too much for her parents to take.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you girl! Just keep reminding her she's not technically allowed to grow up.
Love ya, Laura

Tami said...

Sometimes pushing on that old soft spot on their head really hard with your thumb slows their growth.

Etha said...

I enjoy reading about Lily. I always smile at the things she does because I then reflect back to our girls at that age. I am soooo happy for you & Corey & get a warm feeling on how you are enjoying every minute with your angel. Before you know it she is going to be a teenager. I know because ours are 25, 16, & 13 now. Thanks for sharing Lily with us. Etha

Anonymous said...

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Nanny said...

Okay, so now we all know Tami is a child abuser. Ha ha!
Seriously, I know it's kinda strange when you wish they would still talk the funny baby talk and they start using the correct pronunciation for words.
When Tiger was a baby he always called his bottle of chocolate milk, "chocky ba ba". But then at age 12 when he was still calling his cup of chocolate, "chocky ba ba" and I thought it was so cute and suddenly he began calling it a cup of chocolate, I felt sad. So what the hell was wrong with me thinking at the age of 12 that was so cute???

Anonymous said...

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