Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mamaw and Papaw come for a visit

This past weekend, Corey's parents came for a visit.  We took them to the WonderLab where Lily had fun showing them some of her favorite exhibits like the fossil excavation area:


and the mist bubbles


We had fun making a family portrait with one of those plastic pin things. That is TC on top, then Mark (love the glasses), then Corey and finally Lily.


At home Lily enjoyed getting doted on by Mamaw and Papaw.



While they were here, we returned some Wii games and bought Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii. It is a dance game where you get to dance just like Michael. It is hilarious and fun and a major workout. TC, Corey and I danced our hearts out for HOURS.  LOVE IT!

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Sherry said...

Is this the new camera? Those pictures are amazing... they almost appear to be 3D.