Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2011

The week before Christmas, we had family Christmas with the Rieman side.  It had been quite a long time since I'd seen everyone because unfortunately I could not make it to Thanksgiving over there (Corey and Lily had to go without me), so it was nice getting to spend time with everyone.


In the previous picture you can see Lily playing with the toy that was the biggest hit with her, a little track that small cars roll down. Her aunt Tam and Uncle Nathan got it for her and she LOVES it. Her mamaw handmade an adorable doll complete with a soft carrying case and outfit changes for her. It is adorable! I need to take a pic and post it.

We got home from the Keys just in time for Christmas morning at home. Lily woke up early, which was fine by me because I was super excited for her to open her gifts. She caught Corey carrying in the play kitchen that he made for her (with the help of our friend Doug). She wanted to play with it right away.



My parents were able to spend Christmas day with us, which was nice. Here are a few more pictures of Lily playing with her new toys.




We had such a fun holiday, even if it was a bit of a whirlwind!


Tami said...

Wow, you all must have had such a good time together.

Lilly received some great Christmas gifts!

Nice Kitchen Corey!!!

We went skiing over the break and stuffed our faces with Nanny's yummy peanut butter cookies.

nanny said...

Lots of fun and toys for miss Lily. I still can't get over that kitchen. Just love it.
Yes we went up to the mountains. There was a ton of snow. It was truly a winter wonderland, like being in a fairy tale.
And yes, we stuffed ourselves with peanut butter cookies.
Nanny even managed to get herself up on the hill and snowboard.

ginnie ッ said...

Ooh, how fun. Love the kitchen too, good amount of counterspace, she's got more than I have and my kitchen is full size!

Are the wallshelves of baskets new? I don't remember them.... hehe (it's virginia, btw)

Lisa T. said...

Oh my gosh! It turned out so darn cute!
I saw the little car contraption and thought, "oh my gosh! that is so dang cute! what is that?!"
I must see the doll!

Hope to see you soon!

Brook said...

Tami and Nanny- Your vacation sounds wonderful! What a fun time with family!

Virginia - it is an Ikea shelf that we put legs on, turned on it's side and call an entertainment center. I don't think we had it yet when you were here.

Lisa- the car thing is made by Melissa and Doug. Henry would love it.