Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Right now

Once in awhile I find it fun to post the random tidbits that make up our life right now, in this moment. So here goes:

Lily is OBSESSED with moisturizer. She wants to put in on 24-7.  Mostly her legs, sometimes her stomach and often the dogs. She cries big fat tears if we take it away.  You know, if she's eating it or something.

We recently bought a membership to the WonderLab, a science center in Bloomington. They have a really neat water table with squirties and whirlpools and such. Best of all (for Lily, at least) there are lots and lots of brightly colored balls. She LOVES the water part. Each time we have gone, I have to drag a screaming drenched child away from the table when it is time to leave. I have learned to bring a complete change of clothes.

Lily loves to watch herself on video.  We take tons of home movies and she really enjoys watching the ones of herself.  Her absolute favorites are the videos she calls "Balls!!!" which are videos of her at the WonderLab. Go figure. They crack her up every single time. Other than that, she doesn't watch TV. We're choosing to wait until she is a bit older for various reasons. She hasn't showed any interest in TV whatsoever, which is probably because Corey and I don't watch it much ourselves.

Right now, if you were to ask Lily for a kiss, you'd get one of two things. Either she would nod and "allow" you to kiss the top of her head only, or she would give you what my dad refers to as a "Carp kiss". A carp kiss is a big sloppy kiss with smooshed out lips, like a fish. She randomly assigns people their own kind of kiss. Goofy girl.

Since I need a picture to go with this post, I'll post this random, badly cropped selfie, taken at my friend Lex's house. She has the most ridiculous blanket with feathers on it. How impractical is that? She says it's all about the style, not practicality.


Well, thats all for now. I'm going to bed.


Butts said...

our wonderlab membership ended in Oct, but we are rejoining in Jan so we will have to make some playdates. Don't you love that place? The ball on the wire is a new addition and Brayden LOVES it!! Change of clothes is a smart idea, water table brings hours of pleasure!!

Alexis Heimansohn said...

Just admit it! You are so insanely JEALOUS of my feather blanket!

elder2 said...

cute! I've been missing your posts.

Tami said...

I love reading my early morning story!