Sunday, December 26, 2010

A little out of order

I have lots of pictures to post about the surprise trip to the Florida Keys that we just took, but I didn't want to forget about these photos I intended to post awhile back.

Lily really enjoyed helping decorate the tree this year. 

Here she is helping daddy hang the lights.


When it was done, she thoroughly inspected his work.


She loved taking each ornament out of the box and inspecting it before handing it to me to hang on the tree.


Sometimes the ornament inspection required a taste test. Or then again, maybe she was trying to blow into it. It was a fake horn, after all.


The best little helper a mommy could ask for.


Last but not least, the star. We hadn't even told her it went on top yet, but she decided it made a good "Lily topper".


1 comment:

Corey said...

She is such a good helper....Brook, do you know where all the ornaments from about 3.5 feet and down went? They seem to have magically disappeared.