Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last few days

We went over and visited Gramma for a few days this week.  Grampa was out of town, so we had her all to ourselves.  Lily follows her around like a little puppy dog. Instead of calling her Gramma, like I've tried to teach her, she just calls her "Mom" with a little extra emphasis on the last "m". I assume she calls her this because that is what I call her, after all. This is alright with me. She usually calls me "Mommy" so Gramma can be "Mom" if Lily prefers. One bit of excitement came when Lily let herself out the front door and tried to take a little walk. I had ran to the bathroom for a second and hadn't even asked mom to keep an eye on her since there isn't that much for her to get into over there and we had safeguarded the staircase. Little did we know that Lily had mastered the door handles at their house! Yikes! Luckily mom discovered her just as she made a break for it.

Lily is going through a little vocabulary explosion these days, which makes it especially fun to take her places and see what she'll say.  She was able to point out "Wally" (my parent's dog), "Donkey", "egg", and lots of other things that I've already forgotten.  She also learned to flush the toilet while there, which I am afraid will not be as great for us, as she's going to be wasting a lot of water if we don't watch out.

On Friday, we went to a nearby orchard to get some apples and check out the animals. They had goats, which Lily seemed to like.


She and Gramma got to rock in a gigantic rocking chair, too.


Here she is, chillin' in the back seat on the way home to Indiana.



Nanny said...

So nice u and Lily were able to spend time with "Mom". Just the girls hanging out together. Sounds like Lily's vocabulary is increasing. It's fun to listen to with them cause you never know what they are going to do and say at this age.

Tami said...

Lilly and Gramma in the rocking chair is such a sweet picture.