Sunday, October 10, 2010

As if she needed it!

On Friday, Lily ran from the living room to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I went in after her and in the 20 seconds it took me to get to the door, she had reached into my makeup cabinet (the baby lock is broken), pulled out an old powder container and "powdered" her face. She then carried it over to Chloe the dog and attempted to powder her face, too. Here is what I found in the bathroom:




How can I be upset when she's that cute?

We recently noticed another funny thing she must have picked up from us. When she has something she likes and wants to save, she tucks it under her chin to hold it. The first time she did it, she had a little sucker from the grocery store and she was happily sucking on it in the back seat of the car. When I went to get her out, she quickly tucked it under her chin and held it in place while I removed her arms from the seat belts. While we were camping, she did the same thing with a half eaten marshmallow and later with a particularly nice looking plastic fishing lure (without hooks, of course).


Nanny said...

That is just too cute. The day I cut her hair me and Joni kept her preoccupied by letting her pretend to put lipstick on, she really liked it.

Bumble's Bounce said...

She's simply precious. What a sweet story!

Tami said...

I think I see a mommy on roller blades and Lilly on a leash happening very soon Ha ha ha