Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall-o-ween 2010

Each year, the park has Fall-o-ween festivities.  In the campground, there is trick-or-treating with almost every campsite participating. People go all out with decorating their site. One year Corey and I were judges of the campsites, which was fun. This year turned out to be even more fun, as we took Lily trick-or-treating for the very first time.

See the trepidation? Yes, this was, in fact, her first time at the rodeo.


It didn't take long and she figured it out. Grab a handful and say "tank cheeeew".


Pretty soon, we where having to hold her back from helping herself to seconds.


Here are just a few decorated campsites:



Here is the girl, chillin' like a villain on the way back to the nature center.


We had to cut our trick or treating short so we could get daddy to the Haunted Trail where he was wanted...


Did you take a close look at that bat on the poster?  The theme this year was "Dracula" and Corey was the title character.


Lily and I toured the trail during the friendly, daylight time. She wasn't scared in the least. It didn't hurt that she already knew all of the actors. We toured the trail with a nice family from the campground who had an especially cute mutt with a curly tail. Wish I'd gotten a photo of him.


elder2 said...

wow, Corey makes a great dracula!!

Ginny Peach said...

I love that you let Lily have suckers- I let Oliver have the occasional one too, but have to keep it quiet around here as a lot of the local moms here are real sugar-nazis. I mean come one, you can't deprive your kid from everything! Once in a while it's a nice treat. Darren always jokes that those are the kids who are going to end up being 14 and 180lb as once they discover candy they're not going to stop, hehe.

Laurel said...

I never knew campgrounds had such events. Corey really did make a great dracula. Looks like fun. Isn't it cold there for camping in late October????

Tami said...

I did notice the face of Corey on the bat. Maybe you could paste that picture on the the tiny trailer. Sort of like a trailer tattoo.

The camping candy gathering must have been tons of fun.

I read Ginny's comment and I'm wondering what the sugar Nazi mom's do with all the Halloween candy? Hopefully not the old you get to keep two pieces and have to give the rest away to other children whose mom's feed them Mickey D's. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I get a full text RSS subscription from your blog (with proper credit of course)? I can only see excerpts.
Please allow me to be spontaneous and post random stuff and quotes. I mean no harm.
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but no one is coming to my blog. This one seems so popular, but mine is empty.
It's actually a pretty funny story what happened after I drank mushroom tea. I started posting random comments.

Ever stopped to think, and forgot to start again?