Monday, June 21, 2010

Water baby

We got her a little splash pool today because it has been so darned hot lately.

Here she is, ready for some pool action.


The pool has a little sprinkler and her favorite thing to do is wet her hair with it. She would get it wet, shape it into an elvis do, and come over and have me squeeze the water out. She did this over and over.

Water baby

Water baby

Water baby

Happy Father's Day to Corey, my Dad and my Father In Law!


Gina said...

I swear everytime you post she just gets cuter and cuter.

Nanny said...

Totally cute!
She looks like she is doing a Lady Gaga pose in that last pic!! LOL

Tami said...

Gotta love those pink sun glasses. Very Hollywood!

Dandelion said...

Wow, she looks really cute! You r probably so proud of her... :3