Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday World

We have this theme park down in southern Indiana called Holiday World. It is in Santa Claus Indiana. No joke, that is the name of the town. Everything is Christmas, all the time there. It gets a little annoying, actually. Anyway, the water park is really fun. I don't have pictures of that because I didn't bring my camera there, but trust me, Lily was ADORABLE in her little 2 piece. She loved the splash playground area with squirting water. She acted like a little conductor, conducting an orchestra of water. The water slides were fun too, but the long lines were not as fun. My niece "big Lexi" (we have 2 Lexi's in the fam) was really brave and rode a roller coaster and some big water slides. She's becoming such a big kid!

The cottage Corey's parents got was really nice. There was a fishing deck off the back of each one and the pond was stocked to the brim with easy catchers. Now I DO have photos of this part.


I loved how Lily has grown up enough to run with the gang of cousins. She's just one of the kids now!

Playing cars with cousin Josie

Cabin 2

Lil bravely touching a fish (she wanted to squeeze it)


Me and my "Lunker"


Lexi and her lunker. Look how Lil still wants to get in on the action.


Here is why it was so easy to catch fish. If you look close, you can see all the fish just waiting to be caught. A big water snake was also fishing below our deck. At one point, Uncle Johnny caught a fish and the snake caught it too. Johnny lifted the fish and the snake way out of the water before that snake gave up and let go.


and one last shot of cousin Gracie, just because she's so cute.

Brook Rieman Photography

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