Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Camping at the lake

For a few weeks we have been making plans to camp at Monroe Reservoir with our friends Doug, Lex and Chloe. I was not about to let a little thing like wisdom tooth removal keep me from camping! The trip went off as planned and boy, did we have a great time! Our friends Jennifer and Jeremy joined us for the 2nd night, too.

Camping 6/10

What made this camping trip extra special was that the site was boat-in only, meaning there was no way to access the site other than by water. We were in a secluded little cove where very few boats even entered. It was like we had an entire lake to ourselves! The site was sloping into the water, so of course we had to be super diligent with keeping up with the kiddos. Here is a view from our campsite:

Camping 6/10

The girls LOVED swimming in the 85 degree water.

Camping 6/10

Lily also loved "skipping" rocks.

Camping 6/10

Much time was spent hanging out in the hammocks, chillaxing.

Camping 6/10

Cute little Chole:

Camping 6/10

Thank you, Doug and Lex, for grabbing some shots with my camera so I have a few with me in them for a change :) Unfortunately, I didn't take many shots myself, so this time I didn't have many of other people!


Doug and Lex said...

We had so much fun!! I love the photo of the view from our campsite. I wish I would have snapped one for us. We def have to do it again sometime soon!!! Good times:)

Tami said...

Nanny and I saw a camping ground in Tahoe that you could boat into. It was so private and peaceful. This place looks very similar.

I love the hammock pictures!

Nanny said...

Oh yeah, I remember that campsite Tami, it was so pretty! Only thing the water definitely was not 85 degrees. Now that's like swimming in bath water.
Looks like you had a great camping trip. Nothing like getting out in nature, especially with the kids. It's so good for them.
Good friends, a couple of little cuties and a nice warm lake. Sounds like a good time to me.