Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas on Corey's side


Last weekend we had Christmas for Corey's side of the family. It was great getting to see everyone and we were amazed at how much our nieces and nephew have changed in time since we'd last visited.

My newest niece, Gracie, is kind of cute... ;)


and her hair rocks my world...


I promise, it was not fluffed for the photo. That is the way it is!

Corey's mom sewed special dresses and jackets for each of the granddaughters and Tate got a vest. We tried to take photos but the lighting wasn't the best and the kids weren't super cooperative.


I think I like some of the out-takes even better:


And just for kicks, one other cute shot of Lil with her uncle Nathan. I think they were up to something.



Corey said...

I love Gracie's hair! Oh and Lily climbing the tower of gifts.

Lisa said...

SO cute and Gracie's hair say that she is really Elvis reincarnated.

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS!!!! I love all of them. Don't I have the best grandchildren?? Life does not get any better than this. Love you all. Merry Christmas.