Monday, December 28, 2009


Last night, speaking of Lily, I said "Can you believe something as cute as this is ours?". Corey said "Brook, I don't think she's ours, I think we're hers".

I think he got that right.

Speaking of husbands, have you seen this blog? Too funny.

Also, the big news around here is that Lily finally has a tooth coming in! It has been working it's way up for the last few days. Today, it finally broke ground. Here is the best close-up I could get.

First tooth

You go girl!


Laura said...

HOLY TOOTH BATMAN! How very exciting, and then Mama sad at the same time, it's another step to being a bigger to growing babies.... :)

Kirsten (of course!) said...

Your Lily has the biggest toothless grin on a baby ever! I love how it's written all over her face when she's so happy :)

Chaisy got her two bottom front teeth just before Christmas, and I thought I'd be sad to see her 'baby' smile go, but every day holds a new gift: a smile, a tooth, a high-five...

Thank you Brook for sharing Lily's moments great & small - it's been amazing to watch her grow. :)

Butts said...

I love new toothies! Not so much to how crummy it makes them feel.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the crunchies!!! Lots of love Lil!!! Mamaw