Friday, July 24, 2009

Heading north

I'm posting from the back seat as we drive north to Potato Creek State Park, our old stomping grounds. We are excited to visit old friends and attend a wedding. The trip has started off on a bad note as I forgot the cloth diaper covers, so we are going to have to resort to disposables for a few days :(

On a happier note, this YouTube video is totally rocking my world:

I can't make the link work from my phone, so you are going to have to cut and paste it in your web browser the old fashioned way. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

you know I love Lily feet!!

The Bossy Yankee said...

That was a great video. I loved it. I would love to be at a wedding like that one someday.

Have a great trip!

chrissy said...

that was the coolest wedding video. i loved it, made me want to get up and dance!

noel said...

Hi Brook! I'm Jennie's sister-in-law, and she's been so excited for you guys that she shared your wonderful news with me! Congratulations-she's adorable! My daughter is about 1 month older than Lil-but born a month early, so developmentally they are about on the same page.

I'd love hearing more about your cloth diapering escapades-I don't know anyone else who CDs! If you're bored hit me on facebook-noel hlavaty :-)