Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm at work and all I can think about is little Lil, so I'm taking what I am going to refer to as a "blogbreak".

Corey told me when he drove Lily to the sitter this morning, she held his hand the entire way. She had one little hand wrapped around his pinky and the other on his thumb. Of course, this was only possible because he drives a truck, combined with the fact that there are only 2 turns between the sitter's house and ours. The image of them riding together like this brings a little tear to my eye. Okay, more than one, but I'm quite a softie.

She was so smiley and happy this morning. It was SO very hard to leave her. Not that it is ever easy. Yesterday, she snuggled with me for the first time. The first "real" snuggle, where she grasped my hair and pulled me in close while she fell asleep for her nap. I cherish every second of her.

Here is one more photo from yesterday while we waited for the Dr. She was pulling on her shirt so it looks a little funny. Oh, and Jennifer, this one is for you. See, my baby can look like Shrek, too :)


Lisa said...

How fortunate Lily is to have a Mommy that loves her SO much. She will grow up having a good image of what a woman can be and to have a strong work ethic.

I'm glad you had a good snuggle. There is nothing like a good snuggle with your baby.

You'll be home with her again soon... the work day is almost half over!
Love ya Brook!

Butts said...

always thought Shrek was pretty cute anyway, as are our babies! Even if they have their Shrek like moments and look and act like ogres!!

chrissy said...

oh brook, you love lily soooo much. i know it's hard for you to be gone all day, but it sounds like lily knows how much she is loved by her mommy and daddy. she gets to hold daddy's hand on the car ride and then she gets to snuggle with mommy. she looks very happy and content.