Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 months


You are 3 months old today. We keep saying "THIS has GOT to be the cutest age." and then you go and do something cuter the next day. Darn you and your cuteness!

Things we want to remember about this month of your life:

- You are a snuggler.
- You are becoming more clingy to mommy and daddy and getting a little "stranger-danger" complex. You still do pretty well when others want to hold you. Especially if you can still see mommy and daddy. People just love to cuddle with you and always comment on what a sweet little girl you are.
- You babble and squeak a lot. We were driving home from a wedding today and you were making all kinds of funny yelps and happy squeals in the back seat. We couldn't stop laughing.
- You are getting more into toys, grabbing the dangly ones. You are really entertained by your fish mobile above your crib. You can happily watch it for a very long time but when it stops, you "yell" at it until we get it moving again.
- You are more aware of your hands and grasp them together a lot, as if you are contemplating a very big decision.
- You are eating a lot for your age. 8 oz at some meals.
- You smile at things other than us, like the dogs. Also, when you smile really big, you stick your tongue out. It is adorable.
- You are starting to chew (not just suck) on our fingers and your toys. You are also drooling much more these days.
- You love it when we sing songs to you. It melts my heart when daddy sings to you because he is terribly out of tune, especially when he sings "Row Row Row Your Boat". You love it just the same.

The photo at the top was taken at Cami and Seth's wedding where daddy was the best man.

Here is a photo of the cute onesie mommy's friend Rebecca from college sent all the way from England. It says "I love Milk, Mum and The Reds (Liverpool).


Lisa said...

What a nice family pic.


Leo said...

O.M.G. What a perfect family portrait you make. = Leo =

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the three of you. I forgot how handsome Corey actually is. That's my boy!!

chrissy said...

what a beautiful family!!! corey, you looked quite handsome in that suit.