Friday, February 1, 2008

Office Upgrade

For the past 3 months, I've been working out of a cardboard box. My office was scheduled to get all new furniture and it has been scheduled to arrive since before I started. I've been dead set against unloading all of my manuals and 5 years worth of accoutrement, thinking that the minute I file and organize all of my things, I'll get the call from the delivery man.

Yesterday the new digs finally arrived. I must say, it looks pretty snazzy. I feel very much like an executive now. There is a big "U" shaped desk with a hutch, 2 huge 3-drawer lateral file cabinets, a bunch more file drawers and even a standing cupboard where I could hang my suit coat - that is, if I wore one. I just don't feel right putting my overalls with crusty manure on the bottom in there. I'll have to take a picture of me sitting at my desk, all official like. Sure beats the heavy, government issue metal desks that the agency had not replaced since the middle of the last century.

Along with the furniture for my private office, I received 6 new 3-drawer file cabinets for the outer office. It was quite a challenge rearranging everything to make them fit, but its so nice to have everything match, for a change.

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Laura said...

I do not know how to spell: Accoutr-uh-ment You do, so that REALLY means you're smart:) I'm so excited about your new office. Mine has no heat.