Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some weekend, so far!

The 2nd day of the adoption meeting was just as great as the first. I even got to play photographer, taking fun pics of each of the couples in front of the sign for the adoption center. We met a few more couples at a support group that was held after the main workshop. The couples at the support group are at the "waiting" phase. It was great to meet more people who know exactly where we've been and where we are going. Awesome experience all around. I can't wait to get started on the the pile of paperwork. I'm being serious. We are working towards a domestic adoption, so if, by chance, anyone out there hears of anyone who is interested in placing a child for adoption, please keep us in mind. I'll be linking our adoption website when we get it done.

On another exciting (for me) note, I got a haircut. Jennie works at a posh salon and she hooked me up with a discount. I am totally in love with it. Its shorter in the back and tapered to the front. I only hope I can re-create some resemblance of the style on my own. We shall see.

Hold on to your hats, guys and gals. Guess who is going to be featured on a book cover? Moi! Well, more accurately, my legs. A cover art designer wants to use this photo from my early 365 days for a cover he's doing. He ran it by the author, so it looks like a go. Yeehaw! So, maybe I'm not going to be rich from it... but my gams will be famous! Oh yeah, and I have no idea what the book is about or anything. Lets hope its good. They are going to send me a copy.

Paperwork is calling.


Julie said...

Hi there,
I stumbled on your blog just surfing from mine and landed on it by chance. Well maybe not by chance :o) My husband and I adopted a baby girl from China exactly one year ago today. We have two grown sons. Incredible experience. I can't say enough about how incredibly awesome our experience was. We are truly blessed and we are waiting now to return to China probably 2009 for our second daughter. You will never ever regret it. If you wish I can send you the link to my blog and to Emily's adoption webpage that Chronicled our travels. Just email me and let me know.


Brook said...


Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm going straight to check out your blog. It is wonderful to hear those kinds of happy adoption stories :-) Thanks again!

elder 1 said...


Great the new do!!

Your face could be on a cover to.

Julie said...

If you want to look at Emily's homepage that chronicles day by day our trip to get her email me directly and I'll give you the link and the password.


Laura said...

I'm absolutly thrilled for the two of you. You've been growing a baby in your hearts for a long long time. I have my fingers crossed. I also kissed Katie for extra good luck.

Laura said...

Oh, and about your fabulous gams, I hope you're getting PAID!!!!! You deserve it. Especially if it's for a book entitled: "Course Leg Hair, and How To Treat It With Herbs".
Love, Laura

Laura said...

Hair: LOVE IT!!! So pretty! I love anything short in back and long in front, if I had straight hair, it would be my Signature Hair do!

Tonia said...

Hey Brook!

I'm so excited for you and Corey! You guys will be awesome parents! You've got such a great big heart - you showed me that. that. And I would have been teary and mushy at the meeting right along with you : )

And I love the hair - and I agree that your face could be on a cover of a magazine too - You just keep getting more and more fabulous looking!!

Sending Hugs to you and Corey!!!

Helene said...

Hey Brook!

I am so very excited for you!! Congratulation on adopting! Your baby will be so very blessed to have you and all the love you bring. The perfect child is coming your way in the perfect time! I will be saying prayers for you all.

I love the hair do! You are beautiful!!

A book cover with your legs - how cool!!!

YEAH! Keep the good news coming!


Aaryn said...

Hey there.

I came over from Flickr (Elladog...I commented on your photo with the egg shell) and just wanted to reiterate what I said there. Please, feel free to contact me if you want any info. It sounds like you're finding your support network but, well, it can never hurt to make the adoption connection any where you can.

My husband and I adopted our daughter domestically. The whole process took 8 months from our first application to holding baby in our arms. So! As much as you can, try to enjoy the amount of time that you are a child-free couple. I know that's hard, since what you want more than anything is a baby. But I swear, he or she will come to you and you won't see a movie again for years. :)

This is a very exciting time.
Don't hesitate to "ring" me if you need anything.


PS One of the most helpful things for us was to see the profile of a couple who had already been matched and brought their son home. I didn't even know her...made contact through a chat room. She sent me a copy of her profile and my husband and I were able to get a better idea of what we wanted to do. If you want a copy of ours, just say the word when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Lots of excitement going on for you right now! I'm glad that you're feeling good about your adoption agency.

I was in the office yesterday and Kim told me about your book cover photo - TOO COOL! You're going to be famous!

Take care, Kelly