Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random stuff:

I'm taking a yoga class at the "Y". I even got Corey to go with me once. Today is the first day that I really felt like my flexibility has improved and I can actually see a difference. I'm really enjoying it. It is a really large class and I have to get there early to get a spot with enough room to stretch my arms out all the way. I'm also thinking I need to get my own mat. The thought of resting my forehead on the same spot that someone else's sweaty bare feet were - kind of grosses me out.

Corey bought all of the seeds for our garden. After literally hours of pouring over mail order catalogs, he decided on the perfect specimens. Did I mention he is really into this gardening stuff? Last night he made a diagram of where everything will go. It looks like a blueprint.

The newest software update for the iPhone rocks. iPhone can now pinpoint your location on a map. Its like having your own little gps unit with you at all times. Basically, it triangulates your position from cell towers or WiFi networks. It is super handy. I'm so glad its a free upgrade. There are other cool aspects of the upgrade like movable icons, movie rentals, etc, but the map thing is, by far, the best. You can even drop a pin wherever you want and bookmark that spot for later reference. The first thing I said when I used the iPhone was "the only thing that could make this better is GPS." I can't complain now :-)

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