Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

In our home as in many others, the kitchen is the "hub" of activity.  Corey and I love to cook and the walls of the kitchen were pretty confining and there was little room for seating.  Dinner parties meant a few people in the living room, and others in the kitchen.  We have always said that the one thing we would love in a house would be an open concept kitchen / living area. A few weeks ago, we realized that this was actually a real possibility in our current place.  The wall between our kitchen and living room was not load-bearing, and a row of upper cabinets could be moved to another area without any loss of storage space.  Bye bye ugly blue countertop!

In just a few weeks, the transformation is almost complete!  We also added a bar for extra seating. I can now see the lake while cooking breakfast and talk to Lily while she plays in her room!  Here are some "Before and After" photos.

 There is room to seat 5 or 6 at the bar. Woohoo! Party time! Excellent.


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to party with you and see it in person! LOVE IT! Yay!

Doug said...

Wow, that's great. Now you won't feel so cut off from the family in the kitchen. It takes its place as the heart of the home.

Lynn Williamson said...

With a kitchen like that, I can see why it’s the “hub” of activity in your house. It’s so spacious! There’s so much room to do a lot of things. Plus, I envy you seeing the lake while you cook. That must be a really inspiring view!

Lynn Williamson

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