Monday, May 2, 2011

Going well

Things have been going great on the "potty" front. Lil has been spending most of the day diaperless for the last 2 weeks. Most of the time she tells me she has to go and holds it until we get into the bathroom and situated on the toilet. She does not care for the little potty. She prefers the real one with the little donut ring on top. I prefer that too, since it means I don't have to clean out the little plastic pot. Yuck!

It all started one day when she told me she had to go while in the bath tub. I took her out and believe it or not, she went. After that, she went on the potty more than 10 more times that day. I had planned on using some kind of treat to incentivize potty use, but since she was doing it so well, I decided not to. We then encountered a different problem. She wants to go sit on the potty constantly to "try" to go. This gets old very quickly. So then I decided to give her a sticker whenever she actually "goes" and washes her hands afterwards. As you can see, it is working quite well. For some reason, she always puts the stickers on her feet. She is such a little goofy girl. I love it.



Nanny said...

Oooh love the footie decor Lily and the shimmery opalescent toe polish. Very fancy feet missy!

Butts said...

That is adorable.

Gina said...

This reminds me of my little Dominic. We potty trained him with band-aids. All different characters, colors you name it. People must have thought he was a very accident prone child...his legs were covered with bandaids!!