Sunday, May 1, 2011

The big number 2!

Lily turned 2 last week, so on Saturday, we had a party at the park to celebrate. We decided to make it a "Bubble Birthday" since Lily loves bubbles so much. I made 5 gallons of homemade gigantic bubble solution and bought another half gallon of Gazillions of Bubbles liquid (which is the very best, in my humble opinion). We had lots of bubble wands and the kids went wild. By the end, most of the kids were covered from head to toe in bubble solution. Lily even dipped her pig tails in it.









I made these garlands, which looked cool spinning in the breeze.


Corey made homemade Rocky Road and strawberry ice cream and his mom made bubble cupcakes and


Lily seemed to like them quite a bit.



I am afraid I lost track of how many she ate until I looked at the photos. Yikes!


We also set up a Self Service Lemon Shake Up Station which went over pretty well. Here are some shakers caught in the act.


We could not have ordered a nicer day. It was in the 70s with a slight breeze. Just perfect.

Thanks to my mom, dad, and friend Lex for letting me borrow some of their pictures to post here. I was having far too much fun bubbling to take many pictures!

Here are a few videos from the day. The first is the candle blowing. At first she kept blowing out of the corners of her mouth but then she finally got it.

I almost forgot to mention one funny factoid. Part way through the party, Lily ditched her diaper and spent much of the rest of the time going "commando" under her skirt. Love that redneck baby!


Nanny said...

Looks like alot of fun was had by all! Loved Lily's hat! What a great idea, Bubbles. All kids that age just love bubbles and it keeps them entertained! I guess even the adults too. I guess at the end of the day all you had to do was throw them in warm water and swish them around and they were clean! LOL

Lisa T. said...

It was a nice time! Thanks for having us. Then entire way back to our house Henry was screaming over and over again..."Mommy, go back to Lily's party, please."

He was so soapy tired.

Doug and Lex said...

We had so much fun. The bubble party was a great idea. Kept the kids and the adults entertained. Happy Birthday Miss Lily!