Sunday, April 17, 2011


I just finished week 5 of the Couch to 5 K program. I use an iPhone app which tells me when to walk and when to run. Technically, I should be finishing week 6, but last week I only got one run in so I repeated the week. Up until this week, the longest continuous run was 5 minutes at a time. Today, I did 20 continuous minutes of running! In my wildest dreams I never thought I could do this. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am NOT a athletic person. I'm not even gonna lie, I'm dang PROUD of myself!


Thanks to Virginia for inspiring me!


Butts said...

Very proud of you! It's not easy to start something that you don't feel like you are good at! Now when is your 5K race?

Bumble's Bounce said...

Thanks to Virginia!? I've been getting up at 5:45am almost every morning since September... Through the long cold winter! Hmpf.

Ok ok. I AM super proud of you!!! I actually CAN believe you're doing it, you like a good challenge and when you do something it's ALWAYS 110%! Way to go girl!

Brook said...

Laura- of COURSE you are an inspiration! Although you never ever talk about your running, so sometimes I forget. Reading Virginia's blog updates about going through C25K made me realize that the program might work for me, too. Jennifer, you are a running inspiration as well. Gee, I have a lot of runner friends!

Lisa T. said...

REally awesome Brook!
I can't run either...well, I should not say either! You can!
Way to go! That is something to be proud of!

Bumble's Bounce said...

You know I'm teasing;).

TeaCakeBiscuit said...

I knew you could do it :)

Ellen November said...

Wow what an inspiration you are. I got the app and started yesterday. What a great idea and thank you for motivating me!