Sunday, April 17, 2011

The baby of the house

I hesitated posting this, because I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I don't believe in buying "Easter bunnies". Each year, thousands of ill prepared people bring bunnies and chicks home as Easter "toys" for children. All too often these animals suffer and die because the new owners had not realized what ownership of such an animal would entail.

I do not take decisions like this lightly. I have actually been planning to get an English Angora rabbit for the past 3 years. The time finally seemed right to get one, as I had done my research on the ins and outs of Angora care and the Greencastle Fiber Event was coming up. I knew that some of the vendors would be selling them at the event. In the end, I contacted one of the vendors and picked up my rabbit early, so I would have a better selection to choose from and not have to worry about the bunny while shopping at the event.

I present to you, "Stew"


Hopefully in the years ahead, Stew will be a trusty companion as well as a good fiber producer for my spinning. He is a very sweet boy, only 7 weeks old when I got him. So far, his coat is quite short, it will grow much longer as he gets older and will also turn more grey, rather than black. English Angora fur is very prone to tangling and matting, so he will need consistent brushing and de-tangling to keep him healthy and happy. We are up for it :)


Bumble's Bounce said...

He's so cute, and practical;)

Lisa T. said...

As for me, I would NEVER think you would take on an animal that you didn't know you could care're great like that.
He is really cute! I bet Henry would love to come over to help brush his fluffy fur.

Doug said...

I love angoras. They are so beautiful.

Nanny said...

I think Stew is precious. I never thought for a moment he might actually end up as "Stew".