Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monkey Business

I recently introduced Lily to some of my childhood stuffed animals. I have always loved monkeys and have a particularly cute mother and baby monkey that I thought Lily would like. The baby wears a diaper and uses a pacifier (so maybe it isn't very realistic). Anyway, I thought this would be a good way to bring up the whole "pacifier=baby", "big girls don't need pacifiers" thing. To my surprise, she doesn't care much for the tiny baby. She likes the mother monkey who happens to be almost as big as she is. For the last few days she has been carrying her around, rocking her in the rocking chair and giving her sips from her sippy cup. Today as we were rushing around getting ready to head to the gym, we had to take a little extra time for the monkey to have a turn in the highchair. Lily fed her oatmeal, quite messily, I might add. I brought out Lily's coat but she insisted that the monkey needed to wear it. Luckily we've been handed down quite a few coats, so I had another for Lily. She even wanted the monkey to ride in the car seat instead of her. I had to draw the line with that one, of course.

This afternoon Lily was telling Corey "Potty! Potty!". We figured she needed to go because she has been getting better at telling us when she feels the urge and now and then she actually goes on the toilet. As it turned out, this time the monkey was the one who wanted to go. It was so cute watching Lily mimic the way I talk to her on the potty. She brought over the little stool and sat on it right in front of the pot, just the way I do with her. Then she softly spoke to the monkey asking "is anything coming out?" which is what I say to her.

Here is a picture I took of the scene. I just love that girlie.


In conclusion, Jakey is still her #1 favorite stuffed toy, but monkey is quickly becoming #2.

P.S. You may notice my handsome hubby sporting a dapper "stache" in the background. He's doing a "Mustache March" with a few friends. They are each required to grow and wear a sweet mustache for the month of March in return for donations to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.


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