Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday, Lily was being a little grouchy. To keep her occupied while Corey and I worked in the kitchen, I asked her to "make me an egg" at her play kitchen. She has a little plastic frying pan with a fake egg in it, and I expected her to pull that out and put it on her stove. Instead, she walked over to the (real) refrigerator and motioned for me to open it. When I did, she went right in and grabbed one of our fresh eggs off the shelf. She walked over to her stove and started tapping the egg on the bottom of one of her little metal pans.

At this point, Corey got quite concerned, thinking that she was going to make a big mess. I told him it was worth the mess to see what she would do. So we let her go. She kept tapping until a little chunk of shell cracked away. She proceeded to put her finger in the hole and crack the shell apart. She then handed me the shell, grabbed her wooden spoon and proceeded to "cook" my egg on the burner. She even added salt and pepper! Luckily my camera was close and I was able to take some pictures while she cooked.



I am so proud of this little girl. But in all honesty, I got a little teary watching her cook. She looked like such a big girl. I'm not ready for her to grow up just yet.


Tami S said...

Aww, that's so cute!

Doug said...

Wonderful to watch. But don't worry, you'll have lots have of time later to say "When are you going to grow up and..." :)

Butts said...

So glad you got the pictures, that is precious. It is so bittersweet watching them grow. Such a practice in letting go.

Nanny said...

I was so impressed with that egg cracking. She didn't even mess up the egg yolk. She is growing up isn't she?