Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Speak softly and carry a big stick...

Lily has the stick carrying part down. The speaking softly part? Not so much.

She really likes to hike on the trails behind our house. She doesn't want to be carried while walking, she likes to take her own sweet time and find big sticks to whack things with. She stops every few seconds to whack something or other.





When she was all done hiking, she laid down in the middle of the trail and gave up.



Corey said...

Before you know it, she'll be running the trails alongside me.

elder2 said...

make sure she stays on the trails, there are mean pot holes out there!

TeaCakeBiscuit said...

you know I'm completely envious of you having trails behind your house, don't you?! Oliver loves to walk too....and take his time. By god he takes his time. It took us about 2 hours just to walk about 1/4 mile the other week, haha!

Camille said...

Now I want to know where the trail leads.
I've always thought that wandering and whacking things with sticks are two of the most important things we can do for ourselves.
I love how she laid down right in the middle of the road, too.

Camille said...
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Nanny said...

I'll tell you, that Lily is one strong willed little girl.