Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because everyone loves to hear their own voice on video, right?

After a sad post yesterday, I thought it might be nice to do something a little different and show off my brand new yarn swift, which I constructed completely from Tinkertoys. Super exciting subject matter here, I KNOW!

A few things to note after re-watching the video:

#1. To clarify, you measure your skein by first measuring the number of inches of one complete wrap around the niddy noddy (in my case, my niddy noddy makes an 84" loop). Then you wrap all of your yarn around the niddy noddy, count the number of wraps and multiply it by the number of inches in one round on the niddy noddy (in my case, that would be X no of wraps multiplied by 84"). Then you divide by 36 to get your total yardage. Hope that makes sense. I think I just made it a whole lot more confusing than it really is!

#2. I constructed my swift after seeing several different Tinkertoy swift versions on the internet. Here is the tutorial I used to build mine. My pieces are different colors because I used knock off Tinkertoys.

#3. You would typically not pull your ball of yarn off the winder until the swift emptied. I just didn't think people would want to watch the entire process.


Nanny said...

Brook, you are just too cool. I could never keep up with your creative genius.

Lisa T. said...

lily is such a good girl! My niddy noddy wouldn't make it past niddy because Henry would have the tinker toys in his nose after the first 5 seconds.

TeaCakeBiscuit said...

I remember spending hours holding my arms out with yarn wrapped around them so my mum could wind it into balls!

I second that Lily is such a good girl. That thing wouldn't last five seconds in our house!

Doug said...

You dyed it with cool-aid? Really? I associate cool-aid with bright neon colors. What colors (i.e. flavors) did you use?