Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creek stomping

It has been really muggy around here. Sticky, sweaty, and downright miserable. It seems like a good day for Lily's inaugural creek stomp in the park. We figured she would love this since her favorite things involve water (baths and playing in the dog water bowl).

To our surprise, she didn't love it like we thought she would. The water was a tad bit cold and I think she was just kind of confused about it all. It made for cute pictures, though.

Creek stomp 1

Creek stomp 2

Creek stomp 3

We are so fortunate to have this beautiful spot in practically in our back yard. There are definite advantages to living in a park.

In other news, we've been busy picking these.

Brook Rieman Photography

This is the first year that our strawberries have really produced. We have gotten a nice big bowl each of the last few days. Yum!


Corey said...

She'll like the water as it warms up more. Those strawberries are awesome! Your turn to make something out of them!

Nanny said...

Yummy strawberries!!
Lily looks so cute in her bikini.
Its funny, kids looks so cute at that age with their pudgy little bodies. On the other hand I also look like that in a bikini but it's not so cute.
Can't believe the weather lately. It's raining here today and we're almost in June.

elder2 said...

She really looks good,though, in that sit!

elder2 said...

Suit?, not,sit, I missed a letter.

Katy said...

Holy moly. We have got to get these kids together. I bet Lily just needs a stomping partner. Libby volunteered the minute she saw this post. She is always so willing to help another toddler in need! Lily looks adorable as always!

Lisa T. said...

She looks cute in her bikini though.
Nanny, said it. Her pudgy body lookin' good, mine not so much.

Henry loves water too. When you get off of work and bryan park pool opens next week... ??! A swim athon with the babies?