Tuesday, May 11, 2010

41 years ago...

My mom wearing the same dress.


Too cool! Thanks mom!!!!


Nanny said...

Now this is just too cool, seeing both of you in the same dress forty year apart. Like mother like daughter.
Now it would be really cool to see Lily in this dress in about 20yrs.
I can't believe your mom kept that dress so many years.
I wish I still had some of my old clothes.

Corey said...

I just told Brook it would be great to see Lily in the same dress in 20 years!

Mardee-where were you when that picture was taken?

Alexis Heimansohn said...

Hmmmm, wonder where Brook gets her legs from????????

Bumble's Bounce said...

Tuck that dress away somewhere safe and sound! I too will look forward to seeing your girl in that dress! Love it!