Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hide and Seek

Its that time of year again. We found a bunch of morels on the property today. I think we got around 20. I'm proud to say that I received the "big daddy mushroom of the day" award.

I also got a much needed haircut. I feel like a whole new woman!


Zack said...

Lucky dogs. I have been wanting to go mushroom hunting but haven't had the time, or a good location to hunt. Good work!

Nin said...

You're looking FAR TOO GLAMOROUS to be rolling around on the floor foraging for 'shrooms, lol!

I love hunting for mushrooms and toadstools. We've had some nice new ones appearing in our garden over the last couple of weeks, but the best time around where we are is really the Autumn.

Happy hunting!

Laura said...

Aw, your hair looks super pretty!!! As usual! Ah-no-I'm-Jell-us!

Disco said...

I stumbled apon this site via nin's site......anyway I Love the pics! I am originally from Indiana and seeing these pics of mushroom hunting just brought back a flood of wonderful memories. I now live in Southern California and since moving out here 5 years or so ago have realized what I miss about Indiana. It looks like you have a really nice place. Where do you live? (unless you don't want to divulge that info, I totally understand).