Friday, March 28, 2008

Adoption Update and new Etsy store

We are still working through our adoption stuff. We developed the required webpage and "Dear Birth Mother" letter. The letter is what gets sent to potential birth moms and she looks through them to pick a family for her baby. Once the final draft is approved by the agency, we will print 200 of them. The biggest problem lately, is finding the right paper for the letter. It must be between 90-100lb cardstock and we prefer glossy (since there are pictures on it). Bloomington has a ton of printers since it is a college town, but none of them have the right paper! I called everywhere. One nice fellow I called led me to a place in Indy who can do it, so they are sending us a sample copy. We are crossing our fingers that it looks good so we can bring it to the agency on Saturday for final review. We are also waiting on the official results of our home study, which may take another month or so. That is about it with an adoption update.

Last weekend, I helped TC (my Mother-in-law) open a new shop on Etsy to sell her amazing dog biscuits. He business is going well in her local area with a few large standing weekly orders, but now she is looking to expand. You can visit her site HERE. I had fun taking the photos. My parents were here for the weekend too, so we used Wally as a model. He was not very into it until we let him taste one of the treats - then he was very willing to help out :-)

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