Thursday, January 24, 2013

Horse lover

Lily has been talking more and more about horses. She likes to pretend she is a horse and when she gets tired of that, Corey and I have to play the role of the horse. She can often be found riding around the house or the grocery store on an imaginary horse, saying "Gimme Up Girl!". We tried to tell her it's "Giddy Up" but she doesn't believe us. She says we need to buy a real horse and can't understand why she cannot have one right this moment.

She loves to talk about the horse my mom had, Rusty. Tonight she said "Mommy, I'm going to play Grandma and you play Rusty". We played for awhile and suddenly I was overcome with emotion, realizing in what a real and tangible way my Mom's soul is continuing to live on through her grandkids. Lily loved her (and continues to love her) so much. It only makes sense that Lily wants to be like Grandma and I can't really imagine a better role model for her to have in life.

Unfortunately for Mom, I was never bitten very hard by the horse "bug". What fun she would have had teaching Lily all about horses, their care, training, and of course, how to ride.

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Jennifer said...

I love that she wants to prentend that!