Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy little 3 year old

Well, it happened. Despite my begging her not to, the little munchkin went and grew a year older. She is growing and changing so much, I can hardly keep up. Lately, when I tell her I want her to stay little forever so I can keep her close, she says "No Mommy. I go into a hot air balloon and fly away!". I really don't know where she gets this. We saw a hot air balloon one time on our way home from Illinois. That had to be 8 months ago but apparently it made a big impression. When she says this, I pretend to cry and say "No, please don't leave me!" to which she inevitably replies, it's okay Mommy, you can come, too". Which of course makes my heart melt. She is a good egg, I tell you.

 We had a big Birthday party last year, so this year we decided just to have a little family party, which turned out great. We took the cousins fishing which was really fun. Below are some pictures from the day.

The "Chicken Whisperer" deserved a chicken cake.

photo 2

 She really liked the cards, especially the ones handmade by her cousins.


Of course, she is at the age where she is really into opening presents.


Before we went down to fish, all of the cousins participated in the "digging of the worms". Some of the kids were not so keen on actually touching the worms, but would happily point them out to be caught by others. Funny enough, if I remember correctly, the boys were the ones who wouldn't touch the worms while the girls dove right in.

photo 3

Corey brought his boat down to the lake so some people took boat rides while others fished from the bank. Here Uncle Zack is helping Lily with her catch.


Good thing, too, 'cause he was a lunker!


 Some of us enjoyed skipping rocks.


Others took their fishing more seriously.


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