Friday, November 26, 2010

Earlier this month

A few weeks ago a followed Lily around for a fun little photo shoot behind our house.  They say your own kids tend to be the hardest to photograph, and I would tend to agree with that.  When I do sessions with other children, I'm someone new and interesting, but with my own kid, I'm just "mom". She thinks "She's predictable. I can look at her any old day". I took tons of pictures and handed the camera off for Corey to take a few of me, too. I'm trying to do that more.



and one more of the little rockstar. I don't think she is getting a big head, or anything.



Tami said...

Uh Oh. In the last picture, I'm picturing ear buds and an ipod in thirteen year old Lilly's ears and hands. the first picture I think she was preparing for William and Kate's nuptials.

Nanny said...

Right on Tami! She defintely went from Queen Elizabeth impression to Rock star! She's quite versatile.