Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ever since visiting my friend Laura in PA, I've been in love with them. Pizzelle are thin, crispy cookies with a similar texture to a waffle cone (only thinner and crispier). The anise flavored ones are, by far, my fave. My family was visiting for the weekend and my parents presented me with my early Birthday gift... a Pizzelle maker! Yeah! The are SO yummy! They turned out perfect :) Thanks mom and dad!


Nin said...

They do look good! I wanted to add a waffle maker to our wedding list but my mum talked me out of it saying that it would just take up space and we would probably never use it. But seeing your pics makes me wish I had just ignored her!!

Laura said...

What a fun surprise when I checked out your flickr page! So excited for you! Will I be getting any surprises in the mail? All right, maybe the next visit?